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  1. Anyone catch that reversal on GOOG. Had to break sometime.:)
  2. chart.
  3. nasty candles if you are short.
  4. made so many thousands with this stock
  5. gap fill.
  6. long here 5 pt stp $623.50
  7. out $628.00
  8. whaa reboudning? No more selloff???? Whaaaa goog 700 soon??? I have to cover..noooooo!!! My short profit is gone...

    Buy more calls with 650 strike price

    like legaly robbing a bank
  9. $620.00 was the spot to add. I am simply scalping here my friend. GOOG is a good long term buy along with BIDU, AAPL, etc.
  10. perfect buying opp
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