Google... Where's it going??

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  1. I have Feb 12 calls @ 700.00. Anyone think this was a bad idea? I am thinking it's going to pop nicely.

    Rants? Rebuttals??
  2. A gamble, all earnings are a gamble.
  3. Trading options during at earnings is a crap shoot at best. GOOG is down over $50 after missing earnings today.
  4. Google is getting hammered after hours. You're gonna need a monster rally in the next month. How much did you pay for those calls?
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    fwiw...I have been watching very closely at the adsense ads on sites and I notice more space that is not filled and there is a larger % of 'adwords $75 coupons' plus the frequency of Goog only ads in the space is increasing.
  6. Your observation is worth zero, nil, zilch, nothing, etc. But thanks for trying.
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    I never take directional bets during earnings

    tell us about your hedge?
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    I am positive that you will correct me IF I am wrong, but isn't Goog an advertising company? And isn't the lack of advertisers why so many newspapers, etc are ceasing operations? Do you really believe that Goog can maintain revenues with losses of advertisers?
  9. Sucks to be the OP on this one.
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    the wrong side AND IV crush.

    wouldn't exactly call that winning!
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