Google- Waterfall selloff in the afterhours session!!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by michaelscott, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. Oh the humanity!!! Cramer!!!!
  2. Its down less than 10%.

    No need to wet your pants.
  3. Chood


    Has Cramer been touting it of late? Just asking. I don't watch the show, so I don't know.
  4. Cramer's target is $600. So plenty of upside here. :D
  5. bluud


    what I don't understand is the way it moves right after earnings report

    last time it dropped rapidly (i mean less than a sec) like 50$ and then bounced back up some 30$ or so and then started dropping slowly from there on

    this time I had a buy order to cover @ ~524 ... after the earnings report the stock dropped rapidly to around 524 and even 523 but my order didn't get filled ... it rose back up to 539 or so ... and I'm like damn I missed it ... and then it started dropping but this time I thought it's hardly gonna reach 524 so I was happy to cover at that price ... and then it went all the way down close to 500 ...

    anyhow what I don't understand is why it bounces back up after falling so rapidly? ... in the first second you see all kinds of crazy orders being executed ... I mean is it just a bunch of confused people gambling? ... stop orders being executed one after another?

    if you knew the earnings before the report was released would you be able to guess what the price would be after hours if not the next day?
  6. Hello. This is normal market behavior. These violent zig-zag moves always occur after a news event. Here's the analogy from physics:
    take a long piece of string or wire, and fasten it so it is taut.
    Now snap the string or wire and watch it rapidly OSCILLATE between two extremes. Over time, it eventually finds it's equilibrium.
    This is exactly what happens when news hits stocks and there is a violent tug in one direction. The market is seeking a price that is at equilibrium with supply and demand and the value of the stock based on the news. It can only find this equilibrium by "testing" it in one direction and then the opposite.
    Got it ?
  7. Dont believe that scientific Bs.

    Its dudes farking with you.

    They are good at it too.

    That plus shiite hits the wire in succession that confuses and scares traders on both sides.

    If anyone could predict the moves ah they would make 50 million a year.
  8. goog will do fine
  9. bluud


    I just laughed thinking he's being sarcastic

    in other stocks you would see the stock bounce in the range of only a few dollars ... but since goog is like fat it bounces within a $30 range ... which makes you want to jump in and make some dollar in the middle

    my main question is if you knew the earnings right before the report would you be able to to cover or sell close to the price it settles at after the report?

    my guess is there are some people who do know and they are the ones who keep buying and selling below and above the future price it is going to reach ... and the rest of the people are just gambling, covering or being stopped ...
  10. I'll actually probably be out to buy a load of options today if the stock stays down this low and the market stages a strong showing. SBSH and JPMS have already issued reiterated buys today...I think the stock will at least hit $600 before the end of the year.

    You're right about this one stock_turder, Google is a really silly stock to short since they keep making money...maybe they miss estimates, but their wallet grows fatter. There are so so so many shitty stocks to short, why not short those instead? :confused:
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