Google vs Baidu

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  1. Almost a metaphor, or is it symbolism, for U.S. vs China. Just got my Vector Vest email describing the duel.
  2. I like BIDU better, the reason is only over 10% can access the internet in china, a lot more room for growth.
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    problem is only thats their only market. while google is universal...
  4. A potential Baidu breakthrough in AI-based apps or services, including autonomous driving, is the key upside risk for this company. As a technology company, Baidu has been actively investing in AI for many years.
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    Babazon for the long haul.

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    fwiw... This makes great PR for a stock... but not sure how much its gonna positively affect the bottom line anytime soon, if at all. But it does make a great Reuters/WSJ/Bloomberg soft news filler piece.
    No opinion on RIO however. Might be a good play either way. Will look.
  7. The autonomous aspect is not fully, as vehicles are remote controlled from 1500km away.