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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by macho grande, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Can I get a review on Google Voice please.

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    looks like no more free calls after 2011?
  3. Link?
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    i just tried. works pretty good. off course google will store and use all the numbers and conversations,but i have another question: is installing these goggle components on your PC will make your PC google ultimate spying machine? cause i kind of certain that it would be possible to record EVERYTHING in your house using camera and microphones from PC. i know, it's would be illegal and all,but not sure,how the law cover what is going on over the internet.
  6. I think its awesome - but I have much better than average internet (50/5 worst case).

    Big difference between wired or wireless-n and up in Vermont skiing or out on the boat over the air-card.

    Still all in all pretty cool. I've ported 2 old numbers over to Google Voice and use it for my business number as well - I don't have to give out my cell phone number to anyone now but still just carry one device.