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  1. Recently when accessing Google start page, I get some cockamamie message about virus and then have to enter a series of characters.... this is becoming very frequent and I'm wondering if others are experiencing the same. (It's annoying enough to induce me to switch browsers.)
  2. you probably have spyware on your computer. Run Ad-Aware, SpyBot or one of the others
  3. Use google every day and I have never seen the message you refer to.
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    i was asked one but it gone away after running virus scan, ccleaner, etc...
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    Time to reinstall your Operating System.
  6. I've got antispyware up the wazoo. The message also says something about "automated request".... maybe it's my Onspeed web accelerator ??


    What antivirus / antispyware do you have? Are they up to date? Do you run them regularly? Have you tried an online virus scan? Online spyware scan?
  8. thats ok..

    I have every anti-virus... every anti-spyware.. every anti-browser hijacker,,, a soft and hardware firewall.. and Zone alarm...

    and yet STILL...

    my homepage goes from being

    to without me changing it and no matter how many times I try to change it back it wont let me...

    Just accept it
  9. I've got Spybot, Ad-Aware, and MS Antispyware... + AVG antivirus. All are current. As others are not having my experience, I need to look to my machine as the culprit.
  10. Interesting. I had that problem before when I did the Onspeed trial version. Now, however, that problem is gone. I just changed my home page to instead of
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