Google to Buy 2.6 Billion

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  1. Huge bidding war between Microsoft, NewsCorp, Yahoo, and Google over social networking site created by 22 year old Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.
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    What is a ""? Why is it worth billions?
  3. I think its similar to Myspace only its a college student network.
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    sad sad sad, I think in an interview a while back he didnt want to get rid of it for nothing less than $2,000,000,000.

    Kid is 22 and owns 30% of the company. He also made the deal that if its bought out that he will still have the right to control the company.

    I think these social networking sites as big as they are will one day be a thing of the past. I think GOOGLE paid way too much for youtube, I think it was a stupid move. For a yahoo, google or microsoft to develop a social networking site would cost next to nothing. I believe AOL developed something along the lines of a social networking site about 6 months ago. As for Facebook I would take any amount now. Take it quick and laugh all the way to the bank.....

    There is another site that was started by two teens about a year ago that is growing at about 5000 members a day, start up cost $250,000....why pay a few billion for a site that costs only a couple of hundred thousand to start. If teens can start a website and build it up to 2 million members I think a fortune 500 company can do the same without a problem...
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    HYPE makes it worth Billions.....
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    The devil finds work for excess cash [on the balance sheet]
  7. Party like 1999...
  8. LOL. Acquisition is such a big boys thing to do. So cool. :cool:
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    wtf google already has orkut
  10. And didn't they also have before they bought youtube?

    Horizontal Integration. So stupid.
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