Google stock a huge buy

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  1. going back to 600 soon

    When the market rebounds google will lead the way higher.

    Google has not been affected by this fake credit crisis at all. Revenue keeps growing. NO shortage in ad clicks. Google's marketshare keeps rising.

    700 is an easy target for 2009.
  2. l2tradr


    You're not even entertaining anymore... :(
  3. Just when you thought the herpe was gone!!
  4. Why don't you take a look at LIBOR, TED Spread, Swaps Spreads, and other credit market stress indicators before you go firing your mouth off about stuff that you don't really understand. I would not listen to anyone who, like yourself, has been long of POT over the past month. Fake credit crisis? You are a real piece of work, you know that?
  5. The fundamentals are key. For google and virtually all tech companies they haven't changed between the peak of the market last year and today.
  6. Moron alert
  7. Until the 'credit crisis' can be atributed to earnings shortfalls for numerous sectors besides just financials it is fake.
  8. you still think this is fake? wow you went away and actually got dumber! Didn't think that was possible, but then again you defy any conventional logic known to man.
  9. So is the thesis that compelled you to invest in such fundamental darlings as BIDU and POT?
  10. In a year or so when the dow is above 14,000 and many shorts have blown out their accounts will we see who was right.

    We need to drive the dollar lower.
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