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    How can I easily, quickly, have stock codes from any named range I choose go into cells in columns L, N, P ?
    This pic above for example reasons only just to illustrate, because I have in fact 18 named ranges with a total of 90 stocks, I want to be able to juggle different named ranges with their stock codes into various cells spread throughout a large spreadsheet.
    I've never used named ranges before, so experimenting.
    If possible, I want to be able to input some value in one cell only to change all the sector code / named range results in all the orange cells.
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  2. I'm not sure whether I understand your question correctly. Am I correct in that you want to have a pull-down menu list in cell L1 (the blue cell), to select one of the blue cells F/G/H from row #12 (i.e. Lithium, Iron Ore, Uranium)? And then have columns L, N and P populated with the tickers as specified in the box, columns F, G, H?
    So if you change the selection in cell L1 all other cells in L, N and P adjust automatically?
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    I want all cells in columns L N P to be populated by any one of the named ranges from row 8.
    So all columns of L N P will be all Lithium or iron ore or Uranium, not a mixture.
  4. Okay, understood.
    I assume that the number of stocks per named range is not identical? For example: Lithium has 4 tickers, Iron Ore 7 and Uranium 3? Such unequal length per named range could make it a bit more complicated to automate. If all has the same number of stocks you have one less variable degree.
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    Hi Hobby, I'm going to keep identical numbers of stocks under each range name.