Google rolls out its Facebook killer

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  1. Not enough room for two.
    • Ebay is king
    • Facebook is king
    • YouTube is king
    • Craigslist is king
    • PayPal is king
    If Google wants the action then they have to buy those companies as they did with YouTube.
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    agree with ebay, craigslist and paypal- for the US, anyway.

    re: facebook- if you think this trend of spending hours online having barely acquaintances pestering you is going to have a long life, i've got some geocities shares and a bridge for you....

    the fantasy $15b valuation for facebook will be a joke in a few years.
  3. I have already noticed people bothering me less and less as they get over the inital excitment.

    As far as you saying there is only room for one I believe you are wrong there is plenty of room for more although
  4. The social networking space is more fluid than people assume.
  5. Don't underestimate Google. They have the money, the knowledge, and the web presence to do almost anything they want.

    A link to it on their search page, their many alliances with other players, pumping it with their own ad network, buying a minor player (like they did with MS Office-similar web players) and expanding upon it, using their applications knowledge...
  6. I have a couple more to add:

    - Geocities was king
    - ICQ was king
    - Skype was king
    - Netscape was king
    - Altavista was king
    - DIVX was king
    - Friendster was king

    Leaders in the brick & mortar world change in time spans of decades. In online, it's months. And the barriers to entry are virtually non-existent.
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    just to let you know, creating a social networking site doesnt take much effort, there is one social networking site that actually was created about 2-3 years ago by teenagers not even out high school at the time. I'm not going to mention the site because I think its pathetic. But what im pointing out is why MSFT wastes their time investing $240 million dollars into facebook when they can build their own networking site.
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    Friendster had it all in the look at them, totally forgotten......
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