Google Prepares for Millionaire Brain Drain

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by JaneE, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Google Prepares for Millionaire Brain Drain

    Ahh....the problem that every successful startup eventually faces. How do you keep people slaving away at their cubicles when they are millionaires?

    Google employees will soon be able to sell their options and cash out. At that point, how many do you think will stick around?
  2. More than you think.

    The type of genius level people working for GOOG at NOT slackers...
    And probably love their work MORE than any other activity.

    Computer savants value freedom to do it their way the most...
    And no other company can give them the freedom GOOG can.

    Your question is akin to asking...
    How many baseball players quit the New York Yankees after making a few million?

    Same answer: very few

    And for every one that quits...
    There will be 100 applicants for the job.
  3. well said, especially considering how the line to get into a job at google must be very very very long.

    best of all, you don't have to pay the new talent as much.
  4. How rich is rich? You don't stop at a few million.
  5. Tums


    well said.

    Intellectual stimulation definitely ranks above pleasure from spending money, for those who has intellect to be stimulated.
  6. JaneE


    I don't know. There is definitely an argument to be made for intellectual stimulation over compensation.

    However, what percentage of Google employees are closeted away in small labs working on their dream projects? Not that many, I'd imagine. The vast majority are slaving away coding all day, and I can't imagine that those who have valuable options will stick around.

    After all, those who are intellectually aggressive can stimulate their interests without the aid of an employer.
  7. try 20-30, not 2-3... some will leave, it's a given
  8. archon


    I think you're a tad optimistic. I'd estimate that Google is in for a rough road, especially among the upper echelons of personnel who received a great deal of options.

    After all, the stock is up a ridiculous amount from the IPO. Even the most dedicated of employees would question his need for employment under those circumstances. If you want to do cutting edge research, leave and carry it out on your own terms. You definitely have the funds...
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    only about 200-300 (of the original 800-1000) pre-ipo employees are still there.

    lots of start-ups in sf now run by former googlers.

    goog's glory days are in the past, not saying its gonna tank, it may even a get a lift after EA coming up, but overal the supply /demand for goog shares is shifting.

    the simple fact that dbclk demanded all cash, no stock is very telling.they know that either the acqusition will have a negative effect on pps, or that the shares do not relfect reality.

    read my post re dblck buy for details.
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