Google now worth more than General Electric.

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  1. Pretty amazing. If anyone told those kids working in a basement that their website google would be worth more than General Electric, they would think you took too much meth.

    Amazing how times change.
  2. google is not worth more than ge, and before you point me to a yahoo finance link that shows market cap, keep in mind only retards value a company by market cap.
  3. How do you value companies?
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    And Facebook is worth $5 bil.
  5. And so it should be. GE's major business is credit. Easy credit. Those days are gone. They will get smashed by defaults in the next 24 months.

  6. GE should be worth zero but thanks to Mr. Government they have a market value of over $100 billion.
  7. Well it might happen sooner than later. If GE is forced to spin off the finance division on Obamas They would only be rated single A which would force collateral calls.

    The cascading effects on the market will be quite interesting though.
  8. ha ha.. its worth 5Billion only in their eyes..

    i wish they list in an IPO , I want to see how they come up with their 70% year over year revenue growth.. no damn way.. this thing will fall flat...

    as long as facebook is free , u will have 230 million users.. try pushing in paid services and see.

    BTW, has microsoft ever made money over the 300 million it paid for hotmail. i doubt..

    same with youtube.. an article mentioned that google is loosing 10 million on youtube each day.. how will they monetize that.. lets see ..
  9. It's never exact unless you work for their accounting dept/firm. I use the best book numbers I can find then estimate everything else based on due-diligence.(phone calls, late night drinking sessions, killing-it with mid-levels, etc.)
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    Exact. For example, NT has market cap of its common stock relatively to zero and the company still worth about $2B.

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