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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by omniscient, Jun 7, 2006.

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    though not trading software, i'm not sure where best to post this so here it is :) if not here, i trust the mods to find it a suitable home ...

    i just started using Google Lab's Notebook plugin and find it very useful.

    super easy to setup, use, and tweak. for anyone who often finds interesting/useful stuff out on the net, saves a bookmark, and later struggles to locate the bookmark (okay, maybe that's just me) this is a very nifty option. i go to a website, find something i want to read/refer to later, copy it, add the stuff to my notebook and it's available anywhere.

    anyway, i found it useful and wanted to share it with the ET brotherhood.

    take care :)

  2. I have found big G's notebook to be very helpful. Just came not to long ago as G and other search engines embrace the web 2.0 environment more and more.
  3. I just searched for "Notebook" type software to keep notes organized about a week ago, and I did come along to Google Notebook but passed it up, I figured it was only to be used on recording notes from Webpages, is it good for if you have a note you want to jot down but would rather put it in an application. *Notepad is okay... but does not offer organizational features*

    Well, maybe I was looking at the wrong thing..... this looks great actually. I use gmail and their calendar, so maybe this could work as well.
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    Thanks for the link
  5. Isn't Notebook just another Google data mining method ?
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    yes, you can add your own notes, like you would with notepad. like you said, you just have a lot more flexibility to create sections, topic notebooks, and so forth. plus you can copy web content (including images) in addition to straight text.

    you may also wanna give their new spreadsheet a try. supposedly, they are working on an entire office suite, free and globally accessible via internet.


    take care :)


    BTW: with the viewers available (i.e. word, excel, etc) i'd thinkn that you aren't bound to completely traditional web content. also, if you use Gmail, you can send a PDF to yourself, open that file as HTML and collect whatever you want from the PDF (instead of having to print out an entire document or highlighting or whatever).
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    dunno. it's really a combination of a web-capture app, word processor, and directory. it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to use it to lay out material for a book/ebook as well.

    i just know i can easily grab stuff from all over the net, put it in a notebook, organize it according to my whim, make my own notes, access it from anywhere, and print it from anywhere.

    again, it may not be useful to all. if not, nothing lost, right?

    take care :)

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    I have been using the google notebook for a week or so and like it.

    I think the Google notebook is best when used with the Firefox browser plugin.

    I am moving my trading journal to it, was using Microsoft OneNote...

    This Tuesday google released their spreadsheet web application. It is still very early in the development cycle (bugs galore!) May be nice once the bugs are addressed to keep my simple spreadsheets on the web.

    You can also share spreadsheets with others as well.

    Good luck!