Google Misses!!!!

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    Earnings Miss Slams Google

    By Vishesh Kumar Senior Writer
    7/19/2007 4:05 PM EDT
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    Google (GOOG - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr - Rating) missed second-quarter profit targets, sending shares down 3.4% in postclose trading.

    The Mountain View, Calif., Net giant made $3.56 a share on a non-GAAP basis.

    Net revenue, excluding the money Google shares with its advertising partners, was $2.72 billion.

    Analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial were looking for a $3.59-a-share profit on net revenue of $2.68 billion.

    Shares slid $17.06 to $532.09.
  2. no big deal at all
    reminds me of when RIMM missed many months ago. Rebounded to 150 afterwards.
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    of course..

    I dont think you have ever seen a bear market before.
  4. Um yea now I see why a lot of people here cant make money

    A few cent miss isn't the same as a bear market.
  5. Dude, you're too funny sometimes. This might be a bear market but you haven't seen one and it's a prolonged period of downtrending. Remember when you were whining about GOOG being the worst stock ever? Imagine those little baby emotions you had coursing through your little brain then, but still going on and on and on....that's what a bear market will do to you.

    No one said we're in a bear market you turkey. :p
  6. Goog caught an updraft many months ago. A single miss isn't gonna derail it.
  7. As soon as I heard that Google missed, I just KNEW stocktrad3r would be here saying that the news isn't so bad. I took a minute of my time just to check, and, sure enough...
  8. Didn't Google also miss like few months back, and then it made new high few weeks later?
  9. I suspect there will be some GOOG margin related selling tomorrow. So it may tank more.
  10. Yes, a high momentum stock WILL OFTEN get derailed by a miss.
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