Google mispelles it's own name!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by nitro, Feb 14, 2007.

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  2. lol its my homepage, i wonder why i didn't notice that.

  3. nitro


    It's hard to say. Maybe that green stem sticking out of the chocolate heart is an L?

    nitro :confused:

  4. I saw that and was so confused! I totally thought it was me not them! Glad, it wasn't.. :)
  5. Check it out:

    nitro misspells "misspells".

    No E!!!!

    Just messin' with ya nitro!

    I noticed the Google dilemma today as well... wasn't sure if that stem was an L or they just messed up.
  6. I bet 1 googol of any currency of your choice that that's not a misspelling. Offering insane 10<sup>99</sup>:1 odds in your favor. Any takers? No tire-kickers, please.


  7. Goo E. funny!

    those cats are clever!
  8. ...starting to catch on now!:)
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  10. I bet that the guys at LTCM will never blow up. They are too smart for that.

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