Google might offer more for YHOO

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hajimow, Feb 1, 2008.

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    What do you think? Just to put MSFT in the corner.
  2. I was thinking the same thing - but can they afford it, at >44 Billion?

    GOOG has a market cap of 161 Billion - MSFT has a market cap of 285 Billion....
  3. There is always another greater fool.
  4. hajimow


    They might offer share swap instead of cash.
  5. The clue this was to happen is that Semel, the last ceo resigned from the board yesterday.

    I started to post this yesterday but didn't see a thread and didn't want to start one.

    Lots and lots of bad blood between him and Gates. Look for other Yahoo people to quit. Yahoo HATES msft.

    Google will not buy yahoo. You don't buy people that you have run out of business.

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    Good points.
  7. i think antitrust would block it anyway...would be a monopoly, no?
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    I dont think google would do this, but if they did that means that they are worried about the yhoo/msft aquisition.
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    Maybe they might do it with the intention of MSFT outbid again and cost MSFT more.
  10. Analyst 2pm Internet-Search/Industry cc on MSFT pot'l acq of YHOO 2/1

    conference call at 11am PST
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