Google May Surge to $714, Introduce Mobile Phone, Lehman Says

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  1. Google Inc. shares may surge 17 percent to $714, according to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which said the operator of the world's most popular Internet search engine may introduce a mobile phone as early as February.

    Google's phone may be ``simple,'' ``low-priced'' and designed to run software over the Internet, Lehman analyst Douglas Anmuth wrote. His share-price estimate, which Anmuth today increased from $610, is the highest among 39 analysts covering Google that Bloomberg tracks.

    Mountain View, California-based Google advanced $6.88, or 1.1 percent, to $616.50 as of 8:11 a.m. in New York. The stock has gained 32 percent this year and yesterday surpassed $600 for the first time.

    Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Gene Munster wrote in an Aug. 29 research report that Google may introduce software to run mobile phones by the end of this month to promote its e-mail and mapping services.

    Google spokeswoman Erin Fors said in response to Munster's note that the company doesn't comment on ``rumor or speculation.''

    Great, the next mobile phone release ! Who is going to be the next one ? WalMart, Coca Cola, P&G ????:D
  2. errr.. i'm just pissed off i'm not leveraged up to the hilt making 20 points a day. oh well ... i guess it'll pay off in the long run.
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    for the past 3 months the gphone was just a rumor now they are talking about it as if its actually coming to market.

    Is the gphone hype or reality?
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    The cellphone market is already overcrowded. How many smartphones/pdas do we need.

    Palm just came out with a $99 phone, as for the "G"phone who knows, if true it could be a flop....i think the Iphone was complete hype that has now faded.....
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    Google's secret GPhone plans revealed

    By Sally Peck
    Last Updated: 2:31am BST 09/10/2007

    After months of speculation, details of Google's carefully-guarded plans to dominate the mobile phone industry have been revealed.

    Google 'to unveil phone of its own by next year'
    Google has refused to confirm any plans for the GPhone

    After Apple's iPhone made headlines for its revolutionary look and features, the search engine giant has decided not to compete with a rival gadget.

    Instead Google Phone, or GPhone as techies have dubbed it, will be an unprecedented marriage of online advertising and mobile internet, in software that can be downloaded onto a phone, according to a report in The New York Times .

    The operating system will rival software like Microsoft's Windows Mobile, which comes built in to many phones already on the market.

    But while Microsoft charges mobile phone companies a licensing fee for the system, Google will rely on advertising to turn a profit, the newspaper claims.

    The company's chief executive, Eric E Schmidt, would not comment on the revelations, but the newspaper noted that he has repeatedly said that the mobile phone market presented the largest growth opportunity for Google.

    The internet search engine giant plans to persuade wireless carriers and mobile phone makers to push phones compatible with its new software.

    As an incentive, part of the cost of these phones might be funded by advertising that appears on the phone's screen, The New York Times reports.

    The newspaper quoted industry insiders who said the GPhone project was also a bid by the search engine to loosen the control of carriers over the software and services available on their networks.

    Google is expected to reveal details on the concept before the end of the year, and phones based on the new technology could be available as early as next year, the paper said.