Google Is Listening

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    Google Is Listening

    Google confirmed that contractors are listening to audio recorded by customers' virtual assistants, but noted that the company listens to only a small sample—0.2% of all audio samples, to be precise. The company said contractors were listening in order to improve the assistant's understanding of language and dialects. Wall Street Journal
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    The problem I hate about these privacy settings is that many companies will change your settings back to the "default" (no privacy) after there's an upgrade in the app or software.

    You then must remember that and go back into the app/software to make your settings private again. :mad:

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  3. Turveyd


    Do you really think they are not just going to ignore privacy settings, within there own software anyway ??

    Talking about some obscure product with a mate the once, hadn't started phone, get home think I'll google that, first advert there it is, listening and generating adverts for me, what else could it be hearing and storing??
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    what traders should understand is that Google not only listen but they sort and sift down to name branded and trends and seasonal spending habita of the united states and the glove. they then sell this information to companies so they can hike prices before the majority buys or power certain items to get you go buy something else! this info is then sold to hedge funds so they can get the edge in trading and mergers and buyouts. this is why people are searching their heads...they know all because people are so lazy and apathetic