Google Inc. (GOOG) (09/18/2005)

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  1. Google Inc. (GOOG) (09/18/2005)

    Position: Not taken yet / Go Short in a correction to 303-5 or with the cross of $298.
    Mid-term .BULL
    Near-term BULL-SIDEWAYS
    Target..........$288 and a second level on 281, 267-72 in midterm.
    STOP.............$307.50/308 for shorts - $297.7 for any bull position

    If i'm long now: Wait, set a stop 299.50 or 297.79 and pray for a run to retest highs.
    If i'm short now. Add in a cross of 298 to the downside, cover if fails to cross trying to sell again in 303-4 area.

    Intraday alternative: Google's fans could go long here with stop 299.40/50 regarding how the $300 level is holding,
    the target should be at least 303-4 and 307-10 as second target zone

    (Diego M Rolando , roclerman,, 9-18-2005 Sunday analysis)



  2. wabrew


    More great charts!! Thanks for the insightful comments.

    Does anyone have any empirical data on how stocks usually act in the 2-4 weeks after a large "secondary"?
  3. got this range for google 311.43 291.32 ...
    I Longed friday...getting out on 310
  4. wabrew


    Does this range come from mathmatical modeling? What period does this range apply to?

  5. hmm, the thing is that any case its a completely different history.
    I was amazed how well market take the injection of GOOG stocks again and again after the IPO.
  6. LUB 14.6076 13.3629 North
    Recommended Buy...
    Maybe heading to 18
  7. DAL
    IS very much a sell...maybe a little Oversold now

    I think next levels
    DAL 1.1986 0.3149 South

    But Utimally going to zero
  8. capmac


    Google-GOOG looking into leasing "premier telecom and data facility"-NY Post

    According to the New York Post, GOOG is in talks to lease a 270,000 square feet of the former Port Authority Commerce Building at 111 Eighth Ave. at W. 15th Street in Chelsea. The building is home to thousands of Web servers and other critical technology infrastructure. Neal McGraw, who operates the facility, said "111 Eighth Avenue is the premier telecom and data facility in the United States." This move is leading to speculation that GOOG is planning to build a vast telecommunication network. The only hint from GOOG itself was a job opening for a "Strategic Negotiator, Global Infrastructure," who will be charged with "identification, selection, and negotiation of dark fiber contracts both in metropolitan areas and over long distances as part of development of a global backbone network."

    Google-GOOG raising est on recent monetization trends, reit Buy@SBSH

    Firm cites Aug addition of a third paid link to selective GOOG search results and comScore Search data for July that suggest click thru rates rising faster than anticipated. Riasing Sept Qtr est to $1.39/$958M from $1.37/$938M and 2005 to $5.63/$5.4B from $5.58/$5.3B.
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    Maybe a little off track on this post, but where do they go for

    "negotiation of dark fiber contracts both in metropolitan areas and over long distances as part of development of a global backbone network"

    LVLT owns much of the dark fiber here and overseas. Maybe that is why LVLT has been acting a little better latley.