Google Home page changes - arrgh!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bruto Blukowski, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. My time to rant about the changes that Google has made to their main page when you click "more>> " to go to a second page for all their related links and services.

    I'm talking about the option right above the search box. When you used to click it it went directly to a listing page. Now when you click it a small box appears with three Google listings and an option of "even more>>"

    Really smart to have to click AGAIN to get the real listing page after the stupid pop up box that lists three stupid options.

    Hey Google, do you even use your own pages anymore? Why are
    making people go through MORE clicks to get to the information they want?

    It is stupid things like this that shows that Google is getting too big and losing an aspect for the simplest operability/functionality of their frickin' main page.

    Time to go short.
  2. Hey, they <i>could</i> do worse...

    <img src=>

    (Actual screen capture from the new dumbed down yahoo. This is not a parody- they really put this shit up a couple weeks ago.)
  3. That "new" Yahoo is classic. But I think this tops it.

    If you go to the Google regular search page you have an option in the upper right corner to set "Personalized Home."

    Here is the page that it currently defaults to when you click it. Let's just say that I'm not interested in taking the extra step in making it "personalized"

    Thanks Google, I'll pass this time.

    <img src=>