Google Glass Invite xxxx

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  1. Thanks for the PM's on the invite--- I just got this today from projectglass

    Project Glass ‏@projectglass 2h
    @marketsurfer We don't have a timeframe, but we're rolling out to Explorers in waves. We'll DM when it's your turn.

    Sooo, still waiting for the invite--- I'll let you know when I actually receive it. Previous thread closed for unknown reasons.


  2. Pekelo


    For advertising illegal material. You might as well try to sell coke...
  3. PM sent.
  4. southall


    Somebody posted this one on elite trader a few years ago,
    i believe its actually marketsurfers head in the picture.

  5. Classic :D

  6. luisHK



    Give it to Surf though, he can take online punishment
  7. I just recd the invite information from Gl@ss-- the person that showed interest in purchasing it is not responding to my contact attempts. Therefore, I am placing it back on the market--- any offers?

  8. $15
  9. LOL, I was offered 2500.00, but the guy vanished so I am willing to go lower, otherwise, I will buy them myself. surf
  10. Pekelo


    because it wasn't a serious offer.....
    #10     Jun 9, 2013