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  1. As of yesterday, my routine for downloading Google Finance csv data is only working for a limited number of symbols, for the rest only HTML code is returned, anyone has an idea what's going on?
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    I also noticed this morning that main Google Finance web page at has radically changed. For individual stocks, the detailed information such as recent News and Earnings info is gone, and in its place is a lot more images and links to news stories. Now it is as useless than the main Yahoo Finance web page.
  3. F*ck, don't tell me it's going down the pipe too... :-(
    Yesterday half of the top 100 ETFs worked, now not even SPY...
  4. They've been announcing a warning portfolios would no longer be supported for quite some time. "Google Finance is under renovation. As a part of this process, the Portfolios feature won't be available after mid-November 2017. To keep a copy, download your portfolio."
  5. I don't use a portfolio, I download ticker symbols individually...
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    I'm sure an alpha male can afford a real data vendor!
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  7. I see what you did there, nice financial humor.
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    Used to love Google Finance for the ability to have multiple portfolios. Thing sucks now.
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