Google Finance follows Yahoo: real time datafeed

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Pekelo, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Google Finance is just playing a catch-up with Yahoo. Unless Google builds up an API with capability of screening and access to brokers. Otherwise, their service remains for amateurs, unable to fulfill professional requirements.
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    Are you retarded? What pro would use a website as a realtime datafeed?
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    Before saying something as 'retarded' you must first make sure about yourself. With the API, there won't be just a website accessed from computer; it will be something like others have offered but more!!!!! And we knew how strong Google in the software industry. So have a large view, it will be API that allow applications to run from a wireless laptop or at best from a smartphone such as iPhone...

  5. For all of the supposedly great talent Google has, they've been really slow getting this realtime feed deployed. Also, their stock scanner really doesn't even work the last time I tried to use it. Finally, Yahoo's AJAX tool kit got superior reviews by programmers compared to Google's tool kit.
    I'd be thinking short GOOG here.
    I think all of that sushi they eat has gotten to their brains. Mercury poisoning ?
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    I agree; market data provision is an area that's now somewhat fragmented and where Google, with its technical expertise and infrastructure, could provide and end-to-end solution for a wide range of market data customers, particularly by providing more open-ish API's than are typically on offer now. However, I'm not sure it would be very high on their priority list, given how slow they've been in developing
  7. What's going on with Yahoo? The real time quotes are delayed by 13 minutes? :confused:
  8. I agree.

    If Google was that great they would provide institutional quality real time data feed plus plugins for every technical charting and analysis software in existance, and all for free.

    Otherwise, what good are they?
  9. You sure Yahoo has free real-time quotes? I think the free data from Yahoo is all delayed.
  10. No, there is a "realtime" setting on the standard quote pages.
    The problem is: I'm not sure how they are reporting the realtime prices...."sampled", "slightly delayed", etc. It does NOT appear to be truly realtime.
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