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  1. despite the potential negatives (positives for the market? in question) from this double click deal, I have a feeling google is going to surprise big on the upside this upcoming quarter.

    Aside from the street tending to undershoot their estimates, there's something else big going on (besides the stock has NOT moved anticipating upside). Remember almost half of google's revenues are out of the US, and they do business in local currencies. I have a feeling their extra-usd currency exposure may immensely help revenues.

    anyone buying relatively cheap May calls into this earnings? Honestly, considering how much this stock lacked volatility this past q, i really wonder how much IV is going to drop on May and forward months if we get a decent move.

    It definitely doesn't seem like an earnings to sell vol into.
  2. Ill throw my price target into the ring. I say it will revisit the 513 level in the next 2 months. When it does revisit that level, then I would consider getting short if that level is not broken. I see little downside at the present level.

    As for our buddy YHOO, thats at a very strategic pivot point right now as well. YHOO has retraced from 22 dollars to the current price as part of a reaction rally. It can go either way right now.
  3. I would think that, after the surprise miss 15 months ago that was blamed on the strong dollar, analysts have taken things like this into account.
  4. The next time google revists 500 it will make a new 52 week high

  5. I'm hoping for really bad news. I mean ugly, drop to 350, teeter then plunge to 318 Yucky icky poo-poo news.

    Maybe some rumors would help.
  6. I could start a rumor if you'd like.

    How about this:


  7. Haha...that's a good start.:D
  8. GOOG is like the really smart kid who can't deceide what to do as a grownup. Until the better search "mousetrap" gets here they're KING OF THE HILL (& fun + profitable to trade).

  9. I think they screw it up and tank. They spend money like it is going out of style. To pay 1/3 more than the company is worth.. Crazy... The Youtube thing is boiling over. If they loose in court against Viacom. They are dead. They have no control on their evaluations on companies. In terms of Yahoo.. They need Microsoft more than Microsoft needs them. I think they will be acquired by Microsoft within the next year. They either have to align themselves with Google or Microsoft. I doubt the first is an option. The second is if Semel comes down on what he think the company is really worth. I think he wants close to a 100 billion or something. Another nut.
  10. So much negativity which means it will go up another 8% on earnings and an additional 20% the month following

    I've been long since 411 and bought more at 540
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