GOOGLE Earnings (Thursday)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Handsome, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. Whadda think?
  2. Very important. Google has always beat earnings, except 1 time -- and the market smacked it with a -50 point drop immediately.

    On a side note, their business model is rapidly changing. For example, their biggest acquisition so far is their latest move buying Doubleclick, which is a move away from their traditional nonintrusive textads in the right-hand corner, to the flashy graphical area. That is just one example.

    Google is shaping to be a different company than it was pre-2005, and I think investors are baking that into the price.

    GOOG gained about 100% in 2005, 10% in 2006, and about 3% so far in '07.
  3. S2007S


    was watching fast money, said that the straddle options show a 22 point move in either direction.

    Eric said if falls below 460 Sell it. If it does trade higher to 500, it will be a 90%+ chance it breaks new highs within a few trading days.
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    I believe it will be almost flat. GOOG has been less volatile since it was added to S&P. Tomorrow (Thursday) market should be down and that will also reduce the heat of GOOG that might get.
  5. I hope it tanks. There's gonna be a day where this baby falls 50-100 on some kind of lawsuit or scandal. I don't see much upside in price movement tomorrow even when they beat by a wide margin. I've stayed away from this stock and will continue to do so.
  6. you're just sour because you missed the ascent.

    don't worry, airlines, exchanges, etc. etc. have made much more amazing climbs than this stock.

    that said, the company is extremely fairly priced in this market environment. google makes a crapload of cash, and their market share is increasing.

    i hope the market opens down tommorow (As it will indeed). It'll be an opportunity to pick up calls at a reasonable price. [i've been buying and selling these calls all month... and i need to re-increase my position]
  7. You are correct, I am sour from missing out. I am always afraid to chase as a stock soars. More power to the people who made shitloads of cash on this puppy. Cheers.
  8. i hate chasing too.. then you fall into the 'value trap' buying...

    finding growth stocks without crap reigning over them and low PEGs is tough.
  9. The GOOG Apr long straddles gamblers will lose their shirts if it trades flat.