Google earnings play?

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  1. Anyone playing Google earnings this week? Trade ideas etc will be helpful.:(
  2. Me, Handsome the GOOG Slayer, working on big, big option play for GOOG earnings...big, big, big money 2 be made...BIG MONEY

    Maybe me get finish putting together option play for GOOG earnings before they announce. If soooo, maybe me post here again. We see how it go.

    Yeeee Hawwwwwwwwww

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  4. bluud


    buy the dip GOOG @ ~550 ... :D

    I'm sure it's going to $800
  5. Manni


    my Magic 8-Ball says "It is decidedly so. "
  6. Stupid remarks by greenspan wannabe and now GOOG down so much it GOOG Slayer without any help from me...All me say is July 530 Puts were priced right 4-me late yesterday and but now they priced not good for me plan.

    So me no do nothing with it as me was planning 2 right before close of market today. :mad:

    Anyone being smart who want to play GOOG best wait till after they announce.

    As for me buying today, me just get more of SLW and watch it GO, GO, GO !!!!!!!!!

    Yeeee Hawwwwww SLW
  7. Sell the Jan08 550 straddle at 92.00/30%; currently 91.70 x 92.70.
  8. Woof, Woof for SLW

    And in addition, regarding GOOG. When it was hoovering around $545.00 during the afternoon, I pulled the trigger and did BUY some AUGUST CALLS!!

    Not saying what strike or how many but they are AUGUST and they are CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeeee Fuvkin Haw SLW and GOOG !!!!!

    WOOF, WOOF :D :D :D :D
  9. Why not sell a more expensive front-month straddle or strangle and hedge longer-term?
  10. I don't want to be long vol into the report, regardless of the shape of the smile. That's a long calendar. Not to say the calendar won't be a winner, but the huge discount on duration [vol] didn't help the atm calendar in the last two reports. IIRC, the stock moved 20+ both reports and the calendar was a BE proposition due to losses on gamma and strip vol.
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