Google earnings on deck

Discussion in 'Trading' started by scorpious, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. Google’s (GOOG) first quarter is expected to be roughly in line with expectations and some analysts say Wall Street may be too pessimistic about the search giant’s financial results.

    Google reports earnings on Thursday and as usual will be closely watched. Wall Street is expecting Google to report earnings of $4.93 a share on revenue of $4.08 billion.

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  2. I love the consistency with the Goog story but I believe the growth story as it is known for the long term may be over. If they cannot reinvigorate the story with new strategies it may become less of a growth and more of a value play. All I know is that they are competing on several fronts with several key players and if they can't find their new niche search platform then it may be a new company. With tthe DTv crisis looming as the next shoe to fall and 4g about to come into play they will have to face major competition from the telcom as well as internet based companies.

    Mark Cuban once said "Never bet against Microsoft and I have seen that to be true. I believe a good stable trading opportunity may be here for the next few months but I think it will trend lower with several 10% moves bac and forth. If you are a trader this is good if you are not then stay away.

    Great management great mkt position just an upside down market... 379 today. 20% trading range for the next 6months) thats my analysis.