Google earnings in 8 minutes

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    Get ready for some volatility after hours. Google earnings should help boost the markets for tomorrow.
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    -0.27 -1.81%
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    Up over $30
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    I think cramer is going to have $1000 GOOG written on his knuckles tonight, should give me a nice laugh.
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    The world's largest Internet search engine on Thursday posted a third-quarter net income of $2.17 billion or $7.64 a share, excluding items, surpassing Wall Street's average estimate of $6.69 a share, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

    Net revenue, which excludes fees that Google pays to partner websites, came to $5.48 billion, versus expectations for $5.27 billion.
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    At this rate it looks like everyone is going to wake up tomorrow morning to see google trading above $600 a share.

    Watching it after hours and they are just trying to climb this slowly over $600.

    Every $1-$2 pull back leads to a $4.00 advance.
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    last few earnings report when GOOG reported good earning stock went up but market went down and vice versa..

    so tomorrow open up and then close lower?
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    Hey Hajimow,

    Fuck honesty and integrity huh ?

    So you are wrong and too embarrased to admit so you delete the call ?

    Dumb noobs, its ok to be wrong, you can still be a good trader, its this kind of shit that makes you look like an asswipe.

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  10. GOOG will go to $600. Too many shorted like Cramer.. he was negative on GOOG earning causing the market to go down for about 1/2 hour. Squeezing is the name of the game. Also expiration date.
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