Google earnings after the close!

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    IF google disappoints on anything watch out...Google has had quite a run, any disappointment and $550 or less is possible.

    Google Earnings Preview: What To Expect

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    Symbol Price Change
    GOOG 626.41 -5.34
    Matt Rosoff, On Thursday January 20, 2011, 9:49 am EST

    Google reports earnings for the last quarter of 2010 this afternoon, and analysts are expecting a strong quarter driven by a big year for e-commerce.

    Lots of online shopping means more searches for products, more clickthroughs on advertisements, and higher rates for those advertisements. This is also the first full quarter in which Google Instant was in effect, which could also help click and ad rates. Analysts have been revising their earnings estimates upwards in the last 90 days.

    Last quarter, Google went out of its way to talk about its other businesses beyond paid search, including display advertising and Android. Google is under some pressure to show that it's more than a one-trick pony -- search advertising can't keep growing at current rates forever -- so expect it to highlight any strong numbers in these areas, as well as in its enterprise business.

    CEO Eric Schmidt also made an unusual appearance last quarter, answering analysts' questions about topics like social networking and Android.

    Join us for live coverage at 4pm ET.

    Key estimates (From Yahoo Finance and Mark Maheny at Citi):

    * Revenue: $6.05 billion consensus, $6.24 billion high estimate.

    * Non-GAAP operating income: $3.31 billion consensus.

    * Non-GAAP EPS: $8.07 consensus, $8.42 high estimate.
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    3 mins before the report

    Google literally releases earnings about 30 seconds after the close!!!!!!!
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    No problem, they beat on revenue and eps, stock up to 641!!!

    $8.75 eps

    rev $6.37 B
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    Larry page ceo!!!!!

    change in ceo!!!

    Eric will be chairman of the board...

    google now down to $622
  5. Short GOOG at 640.60 average (just traded). Will convert to gamma tomorrow or Monday in the day-session.
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    I just like the timing of their eranings-always one day before expiration if anyone would like to roll the dice on options this is it. Few times its moved $40-50 right on expiration day.
  7. Out all at 636.00 for 4.60.