'Google Defends Way It Gets Phone Data'

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Wallace, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. "Amid rising scrutiny of their practices, Google Inc. defended the way it collects
    location data from Android phones, while Apple Inc. remained silent for a third day."

    these 'utilities' in the os by default are ON - they have to be clicked OFF
    but besides the phones, I'm just wondering if there's any other 'data mining' going on
    particularly 'portables' order entry/charting programs
    and I'm thinking - given how many apps have been written for the IPhone, how hard is
    it to write a trojan horse into an app to collect - bank account numbers/passwords
    and how can that be protected against, tho once discovered they're shut down fast
  2. maxpi


    One kind of firewall works: whitelisting... do all banking from a whitelisted computer. I recommend a Lenovo laptop for that, Lenovos are just bitchin'... dedicate one to all financial transactions and keep it behind a whitelisting firewall or you could walk in to your bank branch and trust THEM... THEY wouldn't embezzle, right???
  3. Good lord. Every cell phone since the bloody things were invented has been tracked from power-on to power-off.

    They don't work, otherwise.
  4. kipster


    lenovo is good?