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  1. Is google chrome a better browser than mozilla firefox for catching viruses.
  2. never caught a virus through either.

    I use chrome 99% of the time because it's something like twice as fast as firefox.
  3. Lookout Google Chrome has crap on it thats impossible to remove and uninstall from your computer I wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole!!
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    I use chrome 99% of the time because it's something like twice as fast as firefox.


    use IE for MS update.
    can't beat Chrome for surfing-FAST
  5. -1

    That's not true. Look at some benchmarks you moron, that's completely unsubstantiated, have a look at a comparison of their java script engines as well. Also Chrome has no ad-blocking programs, there are no ad-ons period. Google doesn't want to block their own ads.

    Firefox does. Firefox beats Chrome hands down.

    IE is the worst of them all.

    OP if you're worried about blocking viruses you can get an add-on for Firefox called AdBlock plus. It has a blocker for known malicious sites and annoying advertisements, look under "subscriptions".
  6. madolka (sp?),

    chrome beats firefox by like 3 or 4 to 1 in javascript performance... I have seen this in multiple tests including the spidermonkey tests that google uses internally when they release it. here is 3rd party test that says same thing :

    it's also faster on cold startup...

    beyond the hard numbers, it's also just faster opening and more responsive in using it.

    it does use more memory though because it keeps a seperate process for every tab for security and performance reasons.

    pop-up blocking is integrated and works well. It doesn't have an ad blocker, although chrome is supporting firefox greasemoney extensions soon so any greasemonkey extensions you can mostly run in chrome.
  7. Facts seem to go out the window in these discussions.

    Google Chrome is the fastest renderer. Google Chrome also has adblock options that are almost as good as adblock plus.


    Firefox 3.7 (yes, its an alpha but I've been using it without a crash/problem on trading and news websites for some months) is almost as fast as Chrome (not actually as fast but almost).

    Firefox 3.7 does the nice "open child tabs next to the parent" you get with Chrome.

    Firefox 3.7 runs all the other add-ons you get for Firefox and (to me) has a slightly better look and feel.

    So I use FF 3.7 but ... the faster one is by a nose Chrome.
  8. You can do that for previous Firefox versions by using the "Next Tab" add-on
  9. All the pretenders will suck when IE9 hits the street.
  10. it's true that they're all much closer in rendering.

    rendering is not much of a differentiator however as html content is not what makes one site slower to open than another.

    regarding javascript, chrome is not just a nose faster... it's 2-4 times faster than firefox depending on the versions compared and the benchmarks performed.

    firefox is supposed to have a better engine coming out that makes up some of the difference in javascript.
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