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    Google just learne it has to follow the same advertising standards that main stream advertisers follow.

    There is a code in advertising or standards in advertising and journalism. Advertisers cannot accept advertisers involving in illegal activity. Even ISP have this legal mumble jumble when you sign up saying declaring they are not liable for client do illegal downloads etc.

    In journanlism, one should never never lie.
    In advertising, never allow ads that are fraud or bad to consumer or ad is a fraudulent ad. You'll never see anyone advertising for pot in main stream media. The internet is now main stream media. Greedy corporation, they'll take the money and cover their eyes and ears. Probably making millions on those ads. Google=hear no evil, see no evil.
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    Are you a moron? I just did a search at for naked women. Here's the first few results in the list. Looks like there's porn there.

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    Just to be on the safe side, I'm adding you to my ignore list. I think you're bearice under another username, who I added previously.
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    is this where you are getting your scientific argument that 7 billion people are on the way to death from porn?
  5. Since when is Nevada not in the USA anymore ?
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    Whoa! There IS an uncanny resemblance in their posts!