Google CEO says goal to reach $100 billion annual revenue in next couple of years

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  1. :D

    I guess he wanted the stock price higher so the insiders will be able to receive top dollar in their registered selling plan.
  2. hes fos
  3. Yes, today was what you call a Wall St. comedy. Analyst mania, pumping Google like the second coming, another slut thumbing on Bloomberg during the meeting, a board of liars barking before they take a dive, a 30:1 analyst recommendation on a sinking ship...can you hear the laughing box in the background?
  4. What he actually said was, "I'll leave it to you to judge whether that is $100 billion in market capitalization or revenue."

    This can only be a joke. He was ribbing the analysts by giving them a number without specifying the units. There is no way he really meant $100B revenue, that's bigger than MSFT + INTC + AMZN + YHOO + EBAY. Maybe if you're talking 2016, but this comment was in context of infrastructure investments for 2006.

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    i dont think he meant goog was going to be a 100bil rev in 2006. What he meant (in my opinion) is that their goal is to have 100bil in revenue (expanding into advertising outside the internet), and in 2006 that they're going to start developing systems to meet that goal (but won't be meeting the goal in 2006, just getting infrastructure in place)
  6. that's an ~ average $20 USD/yr from every person on this planet.

    including newborn babys and hundreds of millions who do not even earn $20 in a month.

    and including people like me who did never click a google ad.

    judge yourself if that is possible
  7. This company has gone from respected to ridiculed, all in the space of a week. Clearly the CEO was trying damage control after the CFO's screwup. So within two days we have two top officers giving investors what appear to be diametrically opposed viewpoints, accompanied by wild swings in the stock. Bring on the class action lawyers, for once I think they are needed.

    Does this company have a Board of Directors? Or are they arrogant irresponsible children as well?
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    actually technically speaking, if they were to say reach 100bil rev in 5 years, that would still be a growth slowdown percentage wise (going from $1 to 7bil in 8 years is alot bigger percentwise than 7 to 100)
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    Pretty soon the Klingons will sign a deal with google and Spock is trying to convince planet Vulcan to join. :)
  10. (7/1)^(1/8) < (100/7)^(1/5)

    edit: or did you mean one dollar to seven billion? :) what was their revenue 8 years ago?
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