Google bringing out own browser !!!

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    This could eventually whack microshit .

    Google takes aim at Microsoft with new Web browser
    Monday September 1, 5:21 pm ET
    Google will try to outshine Microsoft's Internet Explorer with new Web browser called 'Chrome'

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- Google will begin distributing its own browser in a move likely to heat up its rivalry with Microsoft.

    The Internet search leader confirmed the long-rumored browser in a Monday posting on its Web site. Google said the free browser, called "Chrome," will be available for downloading Tuesday.

    The browser represents Google Inc.'s latest challenge to Microsoft, whose Internet Explorer is used by nearly 75 percent of Web surfers. Google has been concerned that Microsoft will try to program Internet Explorer in a way that makes it more difficult for Google's search engine to attract traffic.
  2. Goog needs to come out with its own O/S.
  3. Chrome. Should be interesting.
    Why don't they come out with their own take on Linux? Lure away some of those Redhat engineers. The o/s market is RIPE for a new big time player, with the vista debacle.
  4. What about Mojave? jk!!!
  5. I want a Google operating system, not another web browser. I'm happy happy happy with FF 3.01.
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    Seems a little strange. AFAIK Goog and firefox already had a cozy relationship and Goog was already helping out Mozilla in a variety of ways.

    Only reason I can think of is they are using their brand name power.
  7. This could eventually whack microshit .

    Although I appreciate what Microsoft has done over the past 18 or so years with their operating systems and software, they deserve a major slap upside the head for Vista, and for trying to force it down our throats.

    Who the hell needs another browser, IE works just fine.
  8. Why dont you run a poll you love doing that from what I've seen!!!!
  9. It would be useful to provide a link to the source.

    I never understood why the mod's do not enforce some sort of link provided but will prowl other threads looking for other things...

    Be kind - please provide the source of your information. It's nice to know WHERE the information is coming from.

    ... and most forums REQUIRE this ...
  10. It was on CNBC earlier today. Silicon Valley tech reporter.
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