Google always goes up

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  1. buy google stock

    target 600

    I know how stocks work

    I know how the markets work

    I don't fail

  2. that's a 3% target increase from current

    are you expecting goog to get there this week?
  3. Dobbes


    Well see, he didn't put a stop in so the only two possible outcomes are price reaches the target at 600 or price just quite isn't there yet.

    That's certainly one way to 'never fail.'
  4. it will soon

    Google is a great stock
  5. ...but a bad company.

    Eventually the balance will be restored. I made a killing shorting google earlier this year and, though I'm a bull, I intend to short them again late in the year.

  6. lol google rebounding huge as always

    google rebounds like a mofo..surging $20-50 in just a few days when it looks at its weakest

    its not like some crappy pharma stock that falls 30% in one day and never comes back.

    you don't make money shorting anything I recommend
  7. Lets see, if you bought the close on the 19th at 577.52, you are still underwater this morning. It dropped to 538 after you bought it, so you're risking $40 to make $23. Do i have that right?
  8. You've been recommending Google since last year. The previous poster just said he made a killing shorting Google. Actually, lots of folks made a killing shorting it. Therefore, what you just said: "you don't make money shorting anything I recommend" is 100% incorrect.

  9. yea one person

    I don't see too many pepole here bragging they make money shorting stuff like AAPL, EWZ, MA, GOOG and other stocks/ETfs I tout.

    I'm aware you can make money on the short side, but there are much better tech shorts like CSCO, EBAY, ORCL, MSFT. These stocks hardly go up and selloff on any upside.
  10. In the premarket it is at $576 which is actually a whopping $1.52 lower while the market is down 3% in that same period.
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