google--- a classic short ??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketsurfer, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. i am preparing to short google as soon as the opportunity presents itself. the hype on the IPO is unreal at this time-- i am hearing "sure thing" all over the place.

    will watch issue very closely, and will SHORT full force when it's time. stay tuned....


    surfer :)
  2. It might be a while before most brokers make shares available for shorting.

  3. Surfer good luck on that one.... :cool:

    Your a BRAVE man.

    This has irrational exuberance written all over it.

    Could be very costly if your wrong.

    I heard a rumor that goggles symbol is GAGA... :D

  4. puts, my friend, puts.......

    surfer :)

  5. LOL, samson ! gaga ! i like it.

    have a great weekend,

  6. Babak


    Its a Dutch auction, so you know that its not going to zoom like the bubble stocks of lore. I was actually thinking the same but Dave, you've got some cojones there! :D

    Any clue as to how much you will be risking, stop loss or amt of capital?

  7. yeah, i learned about the "dutch auction" today. i have not developed any criteria for the short yet--looking at puts--if available, etc. i have a "feeling" that after the IPO, some shocking news may surface.....

    lets go do what happens,

  8. omcate


    I also heard a rumor that Google's symbol will be "UNCLE". The founders of Google think that it will be easy for the short to pronounce it.:p
  9. Babak


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