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    goog and google wasting their time???

    I have heard numerous times that youtube would be shut down for copyright infringement, why would google want to take on these problems?
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    and it continues to rise. This is a definite buy on rumor sell on news stock right now, from 400 to 430 on news there buying youtube, ha....
  3. I think 1.6 billion is a bit expensive for YouTube. It looses some where around a million per day. Has little to no revenue, and a slew of legal liabilities. Why would Google take sucha chance on this? The ones who really do well are the VC's. 11 million investment about 1/2 years ago could turn to be a great profit for them in a very short time. Reminds me of the AOL Time Warner merger.
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    thats what i said last week . I think its very expensive at 1.6 billion. I think google is paying wayyyyy to much for it. Youtube was up and running in Feb 2005, 18 months later its worth 1.6 billion????
    the investors in this company made a ton of money, probably made 50-100X there money maybe even more.

  5. Well, as everyone knows... Google bought You Tube. I just thought of something though. Google is now competing directly against MySpace. Didn't Google just sign a billion dollar ad deal with MySpace? Now, since Google will directly competing against MySpace, why would MySpace continue to use Google for search? This may be an oppertunity for Yahoo to to jump in bed with MySpace since it would make no sense for MySpace to continue to work with Google and compete against it. I am sure there must be some sort of conflict of interest clause in the agreement between MySpace and Google. No?

    If Google looses MySpace and You Tube becomes the latest dot-com bust... The company just threw billions of dollars out the window (and lost all the profit from MySpace).
  6. didnt newscorp buy myspace?
  7. myspace and youtube aren't that similar at all.
  8. It's still in a symmetrical so the breakout is not confirmed yet. Yesterday's candlestick tells the story.

    <a href="" border=0><img src="" alt="GOOG symmetrical triangle" /></a>
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    GOOG down, i guess some are coming to the conclusion that the deal is not what its really made out to be...
  10. Forget the news! The hype in the media hardly ever equates to direction in the chart.

    Watch the chart where the investors/traders are putting their money where their mouths are. News and prices are NOT positively correlated.

    Plus the in-crowd bought on rumor and is probably selling on news... so goes the saying.
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