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  1. looks like goog not good enough. -20
  2. ouch I wouldnt be surprised if it went down 50-100 points just on the initial fear.

  3. -72
  4. hajimow


    I beliebe GOOG will have $5 earning per share next year. With P/E of 60, it should be at $300. A $120 drop. !!!! Wow. It will not be a one time drop though. slowly:D

    It will drap AAPL down too. Short AAPL while GOOG is halted.
  5. JayS


    Yeah opened around 360. Looks like a bounce to 375 right now and I would guess lower from here the rest of the evening.
  6. to all the new mad money cramer followers. you have been cramered. he did a good job of hyping it up but he never told them to sell.
  7. he will come out later and say... see I told you not to be a pig and to take profits...
  8. hajimow


    Cramer will come up later and will tell everyone (as he did before) that:
    Those who sold at $430 did a great job but now it is time to buy !!!!!.
  9. you got it right.
  10. Thank you Joey Buttafouco
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