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  1. To short or not to short...


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    but all it wants to do is go higher.....ive been looking at it all day wondering when to jump in and it doesnt give up...
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    I went long on 5/17/2005 at $231.63. According to my exit strategy, I don't have an exit yet. I must say that I was not expecting this type of run though...

    Lets wait and see...
  4. Me too!
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  6. When google was at $198 Jim Cramer kept saying BUY! It should be trading at $250. After their 1Q earnings he said BUY! It should be trading at $318. He was right the first time when everyone was saying it would never get to $250, will he be right again? Shorting would be a big mistake.
  7. I have not read any of the threads that I see here all the time about this Cramer guy but my mind (and not my heart) is telling me we'll see Google at $300.00 and not at $200.00..

    They own the internet advertising right now...and each day more and more "Google Ads" are popping up on websites...

    I'm not a trader at all..I like to buy calls or puts..nothing fancy at all..I have been thinking about buying Puts on Goog but the more I think about it with my mind and not my heart, everything tells me to buy CALLS....

    Just my opinion of course, but I do believe we will see $300.00 and then on to $400.00 with many pullbacks in between but the trend is UP IMO.
  8. The trend clearly is up. But the move has been fast, I would assume some profit taking would take the better of many traders/investors. That is the short play i'm thinking of, not anything long term.
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    not looking like they are taking profits today...there is no entry for you to much risk for the reward so far...peace
  10. Wow.
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