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  1. My hat is off for their earnings. WOW

    straddle writers sodomized

    buyers scored big
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    Agreed! I'm sure the mutual funds with GOOG as a top 5 holding are popping champagne corks right now. Wow!
  4. If you sold ootm calls too close, you just got owned. 570's are up 10x or more here
  5. They way it moves now, it will hit $600 for sure.
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  7. fucking a, i put on 20x july weekly 560C calendar 10min before the close. Expected this to gap but not by THAT MUCH! Should have done the strangle like i planned instead. Oh wellz
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    Well if you lived in my area, dinner would be on you! A filet you can cut with a fork would hit the spot!:)
  9. You realize i lost a few grand on the calendar spread right? dont forget to send me that peter luger gift card :p
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    I didn't read calendar spread in the post. Wow! The mind is a terrible thing to waste.:( I seem to get dumber by the day anymore with my reading "skills...":(

    Btw, you'll need to live in Brooklyn or on Long Island to enjoy a steak there. I've never been there, but it's on my yum yum list.:)
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