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  1. what up?
  2. ruling is the word not verified

    YouTube needs to lure away TV viewers to ensure path to profits, NYT says
    According to the New York Times, YouTube (GOOG) is getting closer to profitability. Although the site is 10 times more popular than its nearest competitor it still an underdog compared to TV. The challenge for YouTube is to lure incremental viewership from TV and other sites like Hulu (NWS,GE,DIS). Reference Link
  3. I'm wondering when to invest in google myself, it's dropped over 5% since the Nexus One launch, a drop that's largely undeserved in my opinion. It dropped below 590 today but can it go lower...
  4. another stupid action by google yesterday (1/12). Are they out of their minds?
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    GOOG broke trendline support. It will be interesting to see if buyers come in. If the overall market goes lower, GOOG odds on to see 550, and if the the selling turns into a correction, GOOG will easily see 500, imo.

    [NOTE: We have no GOOG position on now, but there is a strong chance that we will have one soon. It will be an options position though. Note that current ATM straddle is priced so that it "only" takes about 1.8% move in GOOG to pay theta for a long ATM straddle.]
  6. How about a bidu/goog pairs trade. You never answered my tweet. :p
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    Imo this is an extremely dangerous trade. Pairs trades imo should be reserved for extremely correlated pairs in both the mathematical sense and the fundamental sense.

    Is this statement aimed at me?
  8. leading market indicator :D