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  1. long here $650.00. :)
  2. Div_Arb


    Good call - you are down only a buck. Where's your stop?
  3. Not that my trades would matter but it seems like every time I call out a stop, it it gets hit. We are due a beta rally in general.
    :) Pull up a 60 minute chart, worth a shot on a reversal.
  4. 60 min chart.
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  5. DOH!!

    What a beating these things are taken.
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  6. Nice reversal, still early took my loss and will move on. Nice stop run though!!:)
  7. gobar


    any thoughts on IBM.

    IBM is the only major tech which is holding up... should I buy puts ?
  8. Got in at 639. Should recover into the close.
  9. Looks good on a weekly chart, bottom at $99.00. Maybe hedge at $95.00 strike.
  10. Oh my Goog is getting a whooping!!
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