GOOG worth $30/share? (per Hussman)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mtzianos, Oct 27, 2005.

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    Hey some people can't get it. They sat there bearishly watching many of the greatest opportunities pass them by. Sure google may disapoint in a year or two, but currently there the hottest company out there.
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  2. Then why trade? Anything? Ever?

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    Reread this post Sparohok, its dated from 10/27, GOOG was at $353 then, $418 today.

    Thats why people trade, because they have a divergent view on what market is pricing in. The market was 'right' on 10/27 in repricing GOOG upwards to fair value, and this process continues still, although we are rapidly approaching upper bounds of fundamental models based on current information.
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    I agree, and a pessimist will always be one. It is like a perrenial bear, no matter how well the economy is doing he will find a reason to be bearish. The way to make money is to see it from both sides, where as some people can only see it one way.
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  6. Thanks for the update. Very relevant, I'm glad you answered my question. :)

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  7. In 1992 the LA Times called Hussman "one lonely, raging bull."

    His fund has outperformed the S&P by 18 percentage points a year since its inception in 2000.

    Whatever you think of his GOOG call, he has earned his bona fides, and not just by predicting imminent doom.

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  8. This argument is rarely used properly. Whenever someone makes a downward turn-around, a few people always jump in and call them bears and that they should go with the market and not miss opportunities. I have no reason to believe that anyone here (on this thread) is a bear and bear alone. I am trying to predict googles downfall because I think it will happen and I want to be there for it. But I have also been gaining from the otherside.

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    I agree with you, but some of the bear arguments border on ludicrous. At hussman's 30 dollar target then it would be worth 8.8 billion.
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