GOOG: Which will it see first? $300 or $600

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by varelse, Jan 20, 2006.

GOOG will see which price first?

  1. $300

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  2. $600

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  1. varelse


    Just a survey: I'm betting on $300 myself.
  2. I have been shaking my head in disbelief every since Google went over $100. Fortunatley I dont trade my opinions.
  3. im still bullish on goog.
    could easly rise 50% this year.
    nothing has changed on company's fundamentals
    panic selling and speculation is causing the steep decline.
    still, even tho convinced goog won't meet expectations on report... all already priced in imo.
  4. It should technically stop where the gap is, at around $330, if it does in fact goes south from here
  5. going over a hundred was nothing...

    it was trading rather conservatively at that time especially considering its growth pre-ipo. now its just insane
  6. Company's fundamental is based on overinflated forward estimates. This market has turned and I believe so will the economy. I say GOOG to $300 by June.
  7. The fundamentals and the stock price are two completely different things.

    If GOOG's earnings aren't stellar and literally "greatest ever", the stock could be putting in a major top (head and shoulders).
  8. Inflated fww estimates?

    goog has beaten the street by A MILE on every report and I dont expect a major miss this time around.
  9. According to the theory of reflexivity, prices affect fundamentals.
    No opinion on GOOG, it will go with the market.
  10. The parameters are too large to make a guess on, but between 350 and 450, I think the latter stands a better chance now.
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