GOOG trading down to 85?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SarahG, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Same price it's IPO opened at. I think it could be possible if the market keeps going down.
  2. anything's possible. Heck it could be trading at 50 cents monday... but don't you think it wise to consider other possible support/resistance levels first?
  3. There is NO way this is going to happen. I mean honestly is this a joke. The stock has momentum like a freight train as they expand into more businesses. It’s a little undervalued now but I think at $425 it would be a steal. I must admit that at one time I was skeptical of GOOG but after strong quarters and explosive growth they are a wonderful momentum play at a ridiculous discount. Trust me pull the trigger while you can afford it. In 5 months you won’t even remember this sell-off…
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    calm down, its just a joke, GOOG at 85 would put yahoo around 6 bucks. However I do see GOOG dropping below 400 without a problem over the next 3-6 months. Maybe even sooner.
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    YHOO got as low as $8 in the big drop.....

  7. Simple, short it.
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    this link (ad agency blog) provides recent evidence from an ad agency that buys search placemment for their clients. it shows that GOOG is losing market share to YHOO in search.

    GOOG's main revenue source is search ads. YHOO not only has search revenue but it remains the leader in graphical ads (those annoying banners all over the site)...yhoo also has rev share deal with AT&T on DSL, and other subscription revune from various premium products.

    i'll admit i'm biased because i'm presently long YHOO for the long haul.

    look at a chart of both since 2007 began. very interesting.
  9. If anyone bought this in 1998 & rode it up with 5 stock splits, I will be more than happy to accept PAYPAL donations from you as I have absolutely been crushed by the VIX.
  10. I think that lows is unlikely. I am thinking more of $417 to $400 area and then the previous rally continues. These guys are still doing very well and growth is still there and very high
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