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Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Walther, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. Eventhough there is not much of reversal patterns to compare with recent price action, GOOG has formed important reversal level at 473 which become a mean for this week.
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  2. How is 473 a reversal level? Simpy due to the fact it's the HOD and it's trading a couple of points lower?
  3. No, 473 was established as price crossed my reversal indicator.
    I have used the same approach to forecast 1-3-06 reversal in QQQQ on this forum so some members asked me to do the same for a GOOG.
  4. LOL, thankfully GOOG bailed you out as you post on the close. Nice call, nonetheless, but it would've been nice had you not waited for the shares to trade almost 3 handles off the HOD.
  5. I am pretty confident to post indexes ahead of time but when single stock runs like that, I was waiting for a confirmation. We will see in couple of days if it was just a hiccup on the way up or significant reversal .
  6. Well, jury is out ,473 was indeed a significant reversal. How do you like 370 for a next reversal ?
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    Great call on GOOG! Congratulations!

    Do you have now a call on indices (Dow, Naz, S&P) too?
  8. Too low, can you make 390ish?
  9. Please post in existing GOOG threads.
  10. I do but can't post them on public forum . I will be limiting my presence on ET from now on , anyone who wants to talk to me, please use pm or email in my profile.
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