GOOG to replace G on S&P 500 index

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. capmac


    G (Gillette) is coming off the index tonight, and rumor is GOOG will replace it.
  2. Should that happen, I'm sure that all of the "insiders" at Google will be more than happy to offer some supply to the index funds.

    Just look at what Larry Page has sold recently.

  3. any word on what time the announcement will be? a friend said 5:15PM but i didn't know where to go to confirm.
  4. JORGE


    LEN replaces G
  5. Reuters is still the only newswire to break it.
  6. Anyone figure goog will tank some now that this bit of hope is gone for awhile?
  7. google's latest release of gtalk or whatever it is was disappointing. theres so much high expectations already built in here... its like an A+++++ student that gets another +... *yawn*.

    google is huge now. they dont just compete in searching algorithms. this leaves them very vulnerable to snipers :D

    ever wonder why google's gmail is STILL beta? google's video search - does anyone use that? much of their new software are actually acquisitions from other companies. example: picassa, google maps, etc.

    i still like froogle though, but i use other engines for search. one good idea is something like they combine yahoo and google and get more accurate and less biased results. i believe the future of search will be from multiple engines, and not just one. this leaves less room for results to be manipulated.

    actually the only time i used gmail was to send and receive large photos and store them on there. thats it.
  8. gmail will come out of beta in 2032. That's the timeline.
  9. swcom


    Could this company implode from growing too fast? Historically, that is what kills a company faster than anything else. Plus, nobody stays on top forever.
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