GOOG suckers

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  1. heh.... Shorting to 370.
  2. Good luck with that
  3. I think GOOG will blow-out earnings. Although, I will NOT put my money where my mouth is... too risky.
  4. IMO, the google shine is gone - too many hopes and too many beta products.

    What kind of company leaves a product in beta for more than 6 months, let alone years!!?!!?!?!@

  5. Microsoft - The current version is called Vista :)
  6. True but I'll give them one thing: they didn't have production users on it.
  7. S2007S



    I dont see it trading down below $400 just yet, im looking for $500, if they guide lower $425-$450.
  8. selling calls here and buying puts. Today's tape was my confirmation of the new google trend: web -2.0

    down we go.....

    edit: with the profits I'm periodically buying Sun Micro(Java)

  9. a company that is making $15/share and projected to make $20/share this year.
  10. That projection is going to be an echo of a dream when they release earnings. They have too many employees playing ping-pong and eating steaks 3 times a day making Javascript crap software.

    Google is an advertising company, nothing more nothing less.

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