GOOG - Stock split

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Kastro_316, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Why doesn't Google issue a stock split? Good company earnings, price is way above a desired trading range?

    If they issued a 2:1 split, I am sure people who could not handle trading a 300+ stock would hop on board and drive Google back up to 300+

    If they did at any ratio, would you imagine the volume when they did....WOW

  2. plugger


    Investors would hop on board for what reason? Because it's 'lower priced'?

    Let's see, i don't like it at $350, but at $175 it's a bargain? Same company, double the shares.
  3. Yes. The lower trading range would appeal to more of a broad spectrum of investors.

    Look what happened to HANS. Stock got up to $100.00, then they split it down to $50.00, now its back to $110.00.

    Sure it's the same company...that’s the point!