GOOG search shows unlisted# + home address

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  1. A friendly head's up:

    I Googled my unlisted phone number, surprised to find my name, along with a Map showing my home address. So much for the..."Do no Evil" motto.

    My phone carrier says Google obtains the data from a combination of voter registration information, and direct purchases from credit card companies.

    Anyone now how I can remedy? My first inclination is to put my black leather steel toed boot on the backside of the pencil-necked geek who came up with the idea.

  2. when you say direct purchases from credit card companies, what exactly do you mean by this? using your credit card? or purchases directly from the bank that is named on your credit card?
  3. DC...purchased directly from the bank that is named on your credit card.
  4. your phone number has not been unlisted for long.

    othewize it wod never come up
  5. Could you explain this some more?

    The bank is giving away info - from what?

  6. you could use a fake phone # when making a direct purchase. one consideration though is that this fake # may show up on your credit report. I know new addresses somehow show up on your credit report when you change your address. If employers do a credit check, it makes you look unstable if you have tons of addresses on your credit report.
    If you used a new address when making a direct purchase from the bank listed on your credit card, would this show up on your credit report? I'm not sure
  7. I grew in the '70s, when phones were bolted to the kitchen wall; the sun still rose in the East, and birds flew south for the winter. All good.

    Give you an example...If you have a credit card from Capital One, and close it; COF doesnt give a flying fuc$, they sell the data. A pinhead from GOOG will buy the data, cross reference the public domain and build a database that they then earn on.
  8. Your a dinosaur man, in the new mobile economy. you gonna get tracked down and killed just like the dinos-- buy the lords of the new church with your name and number

  9. You can sue. I found my number on a website. Called an attorney. Gave them until the end of the day to remove it. And guess what....

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